Victim: Deputy Frank Fabiano

Deputy Frank Fabiano, a United States Marine, was murdered by a DUI illegal alien pulled over for a traffic violation

Perpetrator: Ezeiquiel Lopez-Quintero

Crime Description:

Kenosha Wisconsin Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Fabiano served his country as a United States Marine and as a decorated member of the Kenosha Sheriff’s department for 18 years.  He received a purple heart after being shot in the line of duty and a silver star for a difficult fire rescue. (1) Shot and killed by Ezeiquiel Lopez-Quintero, a criminal alien, Deputy Fabiano was the first Kenosha County officer killed in the line of duty in 27 years. 

On the night of May 16, 2007, Deputy Fabiano pulled Lopez-Quintero’s van over for a traffic violation. According to Officer Jimmie Spino, the deputy asked Lopez to get out of the car three times. Spino observed a black semiautomatic pistol come from inside the van, heard two shots and saw Fabiano fall. Spino returned fire with Lopez as he fled. (1) 

After a three hour manhunt, Lopez was apprehended still carrying the gun. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. (2)

Officer Fabiano died in St. Catherine’s Medical Center shortly after he arrived. Officer Fabiano was shot three times, at least once to the head which killed him.  Frank Fabiano left behind his wife of 14 years, Amy, and an 8 year old daughter.  

The streets were lined with people and children waving flags during Officer Fabiano’s funeral procession. Decals on all of the county squad cars bear his name. Members of the sheriff’s department still speak of their fallen colleague on a daily basis. His name is still on roll call.

 Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero was found guilty of intentional homicide by a jury. The sentence carries a mandatory life sentence.  Lopez had prior arrests in four different states and had multiple social security cards and identification cards.  He was never turned over to immigration officials.   Amy Fabiano thanked God for the verdict, now the grieving widow could tell their 8 year old daughter, “that bad man won’t hurt anybody else”. (3)


1. Suspect Charged with Killing Deputy


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