Victim: Angie Leon

Twenty-one year old mother of three murdered by her estranged husband, Abel Leon, an illegal alien and convicted felon

Perpetrator: Abel Leon

Crime Description:

In 2003, twenty-one year old Angie Leon of Nampa, Idaho, was murdered by her estranged husband, Abel Leon, a known criminal alien. Over a five year period, Leon had 59 contacts with law enforcement, almost all resulted in arrest. Thirty-five concerned domestic abuse complaints involving Angie, her children or a family member. (1) Angie told the authorities numerous times Leon “would kill her”. (2) 

On the morning of May 19th Angie’s mom, Sylvia Flores, came to drive Angie to work. A call from a pay phone, on caller ID, indicated to Angie another unwanted visit and confrontation with Abel was imminent. (1) Angie, frantic, forced her mother to flee with the children. While Angie’s children and mother watched, Abel dragged Angie back into her apartment at gunpoint. Abel shot her twice in the head and once in the chest at close range. Sylvia Flores, called 911 from her car, but the police were too late to prevent the murder of the lovely young mother of three. 

Boise based federal agent J. Kent Nygard believed Angie’s death could have been prevented. In March, 2002, Abel Leon was “convicted of possession of a controlled substance, thus making him an aggravated felon under INS laws calling for mandatory detention and institution of deportation proceedings”, stated Nygaard. (3) The ‘laws’ were ignored. 

An investigation of Angie’s murder, noted “…She (Angie Leon) reported contacts, cooperated with investigations and communicated with both the police and prosecutor…” The report concluded, “…she put her trust in the system to protect her…and her trust was repaid with her death.” (1) Abel pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.  

Sylvia Flores, Angie's mother, sued Canyon County for denying her daughter equal protection under the law when prosecutors released Leon after accepting a plea agreement, despite his record of abuse, a month before he shot Angie. She received $925,000 to settle the lawsuit. (4)


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