Victim: Jamiel Shaw

Update, the illegal alien gang member has been sentenced to death in the shooting death of high school football star

Perpetrator: Pedro Espinoza

Crime Description:

On March 2, 2008, seventeen year old Jamiel Shaw was shot to death just steps away from his home in Arlington Heights, California, allegedly by Pedro Espinoza, an illegal alien. Jamiel’s home is in an area, nicknamed “Shootin Newton”, served by the Newton police, and claimed by members of the Bloods gang. (1) (2)

Jamiel was walking home from the mall when witnesses say a white car with shaded windows pulled up beside him on the street. Jamiel was on the phone with his girlfriend, when she heard a voice say, “Where are you from?”— meaning ‘ what gang?’ before the phone went dead.  (3)  A man with a hood got out of the car, approached Jamiel and fired one shot and the teenager fell to the ground. The man fired a second shot at close range into Jamiel’s head. Jamiel’s father ran outside to find his son dying next to the tree they had planted for the community a few years earlier.

“I told him that if he did everything right, he could make it in this life, and look what happened,” Jamiel Shaw, Sr. said at his son’s funeral. Jamiel’s mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw was serving her country in Iraq when her son was murdered.  They have a younger son.

Jamiel had a promising future. An outstanding running back on his high school football team, Rutgers and Stanford were showing interest in recruiting him. Jamiel was a “good kid”. He was never in trouble and was not a gang member.

Espinoza was released from jail the day before Jamiel’s murder, after serving time on an assault with a deadly weapon arrest. (2) ICE now has an immigration hold on Espinoza. He is identified as an ‘’active member of a criminal street gang’’. Espinoza will be tried for murder with special circumstance gang allegation. (2)


1. Jamiel Shaw Sr. Speaks Out About Son's Murder by Thugs

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