Victim: Margaret Campbell

Illegal Alien Runs Red Light and Kills Middle School Principal

Perpetrator: Cesar Majia

Crime Description:

On March 8, 2006, Margaret "Peggy" Campbell, 62, principal at Western Pines Community Middle School in West Palm Beach, Florida, suffered fatal injuries when her four-door Subaru collided with a Dodge Ram.

While the accident is still under investigation, police say preliminary indications suggest the driver of the pickup truck was at fault, for running a red light and striking Campbell's car, which was making a U-turn.

The pickup's driver, 30-year-old Cesar Majia, and his four passengers were not injured, and were taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol and charged with illegal entry into the country.

Paul Miller, a spokesman for the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, said Majia was in possession of a Mexican driver's license, though the nations of origin for all the male passengers were not immediately known.

Campbell, a resident of Jupiter Farms, Fla., worked for the local school district since 1967 and had been principal of Western Pines since it opened its doors nine years ago.

In a prepared release, the district said Campbell "was described by all of her teachers, staff and coworkers throughout the district as a very special, upbeat and positive person who loved her school. ... She always saw the bright side of a situation and cared deeply for her students and her work. ... 'Peggy' spent long hours at work, and the school was her extended family."


9MAR06, World Net Daily
'Illegal runs red light,' kills popular principal - Border Patrol charges driver, 4 passengers with unlawful entry into country

11MAR06, World Net Daily
5 illegals face deportation after killing principal

16MAR06, WSVN News 7
Illegal Mexican immigrant charged with vehicular homicide

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