Victim: Mike Ford

Another American citizens life changed forever due to a DUI illegal alienwho should not be here in the first place

Perpetrator: Santiago Rameres

Crime Description:

Here is another example of how our government is ignoring we the people by letting illegal alien invaders to run rampant in our streets killing and maiming American citizens


Written by Mark L Teague


Mike Ford was T-Boned at an intersection, spinning his vehicle off the road, down an imbankment. Mike Ford lost his leg as a result!

He now suffers from pain, extreme anxiety, tension and has to take a blood thinner to ward off infection caused by veracous veins clotting and triggering infection.

The illegal alien that hit him has multiple DUIs (accidents involved unknown). His name is Santiago Rameres. Rameres was picked up in jail by INS and sent home to Mexico, again! As far as anyone knows, he could be back here in the US driving drunk again without a license, which seems to be his MO.

 Mike Ford now suffers from anxiety/stress and tension that rules his life! He has maxed out his credit cards due to medical attention and prosthetic leg! He is now permanently disabled. This I can imagine as I am disabled as well. I helped him find a victim of crime organization to help with bills but this man deserves compensation!

I understand there are a multitude of victims that have lost their lives but that doesn't change this mans situation. Something that I found sickening is there is more government and private organizations out there for illegal aliens than there are for US victims of illegal aliens!

I have taken it appon myself to push for assistance because I don't think Mr. Ford is stable enough to speak for himself or maybe his humility is greater than himself.

I have his permission to give the information I have given you and hope that you can assist him or point us in the right direction.

My first thought was to reach out to Mr Trump but that's easier said then done but maybe you can help there!


Sincerely, Mark L Teague