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I am often asked what FNCIC-VOIACM is and how it came to be.

I was working on an idea to have a victims' memorial of some kind for the victims of illegal- alien crimes, so I decided to incorporate the two ideas into one project since the VOIACUS web site was not being kept current.  The process is designed to be similar to the Justice Department’s National Incident Based Reporting System, NIBRS.  The end result is the creation of the Foreign National Crime Information Center, FNCIC, which is modeled after the FBI's National Crime Information Center, NCIC, albeit on a much smaller scale given the significant disparity in budgets.

 If you see or hear of a crime - or if your loved one is a victim of an illegal alien crime - you may enter that information onto the web site from the “report” button at the top of the home page.  All entries will be checked for authenticity, accuracy and content prior to being posted.  As expected, the usual suspects have already been posting spam cases to our site.  If you would like to see the long list of victims, click on the “victims” button, read, and weep.  Reading about and seeing the victims of all ages is heartbreaking, especially when one considers how unnecessary this whole tragedy is.  On the site you can sort by states or various crime parameters.  Note some of the horrific tragedies inflicted on the victims and their families. Especially appalling is what is happening to the children all across America from illegal alien pedophiles and perverts.

What we lack in this country at this point in time are patriot legislators both locally, state and nationally with the courage and ethics to uphold their oath of office.  The traitors and cowards that allow this invasion to continue without enforcing the rule of law are lawbreakers themselves.    Recently we have expanded to include the United States Constitution, the United States Treasury and the state of Kansas pointing out that "we the people" are victims.

The invaders assemble and march in our streets with their flag, desecrating ours. Why?  Because they want your job, your paycheck, your home, your country and your life.  They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We should be marching in the streets but, until the public is educated on the situation, things will remain the same.  Let's not forget the push for Sharia Law which is already practiced by some and the pressure is on to make it legal.  The invaders have no intention to assimilate to our customs.  He or she who keeps their head buried in the sand makes a great target.  We are targeted, and we have been in their sites for decades as the old timers in the SW states will tell you.  The invaders make no bones about it; they want your country and, if we don’t step up, they may get it.         

 FNCIC or voiacus.org is a full-blown data base. As far as we are aware of, it is the only private database in the United States recording these crimes. This memorial, VOIACM, is the first presentation of the data from the FNCIC data base. Unlike the NCIC, which is orientated towards the perpetrators, VOIACM is orientated to the forgotten victims so that America can see that illegal immigration is not a "victimless crime."

The #1 mission of this project is the education of the public and to show respect to those American citizens ignored by our government and the traditional media so that we might highlight people that have been molested, raped, seriously injured, killed, or murdered in America by foreign nationals from countries all over the planet.  Making matters worse, the crimes, for the most part, could have been avoided.  The failure of our government to secure our borders and apply the rule of law equally for everyone is not the only cause of these tragedies.  Had the media done their job of reporting instead of simply ignoring or even covering up this invasion, it would have been over long ago because Americans would have been outraged and would have demanded action.The survivors of those killed have to live with this each and every day while many of the invaders are never brought to justice as they simply slip back across our open border to avoid being arrested and prosecuted.  Making matters worse, if that is at all possible, many of the invaders had been previously deported, sometimes MANY times, before committing the crime that gets them and their victim listed in VOIACM. 

The goal is to educate and bring awareness to America on this travesty and document some of the carnage and collateral damage of "illegal immigration."  Unlike the state and Federal governments that are paralyzed with “political correctness,” the FNCIC data base and VOIACM presentation will record and report the perpetrator's nationality.  If there is a problem with perpetrators from certain nations Americans have the right to know.  

While the costs for doing all this are probably far less than the Justice Department spends on coffee in a single day, we don't have your tax dollars to do it.  After we get the FNCIC data base configured to our requirements, we would like to expand the VOIACM project to bring greater awareness and even lobby for solutions. One goal is to eventually have a physical memorial dedicated to all the Americans that have lost their lives in this foreign national invasion. For that, we will need your help.

Click on all of the buttons and check out our web site and decide how you can help us remember the victims. 

In any case, we welcome your comments, suggestions and help on this project.

God bless America and all of the victims and families of Illegal Alien Crimes!

Captain Ed Hayes (ret)



Heart of America Minutemen

Kansas and Missouri

913 620 0771


Mr. Richard Ward Fatherley (deceased)

V-O AdVoice Announcer/Narrator

Media Advisor for Kansas and Missouri

Victims Of Illegal Alien Crimes

Victims of Illegal Alien Crimes Memorial


Col Albert Rodriguez (deceased), Past President of 

"You Don't Speak for ME"


Rick Oltman, Media Liaison

Tea Party Immigration Coalition


John Stahl

Tea Party Immigration Coalition



Carol Taber

President of FamilySecurityMatters.org


Donna Ivanovich, Past President

Missouri Constitution Party


Susan Tully

National Field Director


Susan Smith, Nebraskans Advisory Group



The Susan Smith Show


James Johnson, President NC FIRE


Maureen Wilson, State Director NC FIRE


Gregory William's National

Public Relations
Colorado Director

Riders Against Illegal Aliens (R.A.I.A.)

Fred Elbel
Spokesperson and former director of

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform
Co-chair Defend Colorado Now initiative


Greg Serbon, co-founder and State Director,

Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform

and Enforcement (IFIRE)


Cheree Calabro, co-founder,

Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform

and Enforcement (IFIRE)


Rick Biesada - Director

Chicago Minuteman Project


Michael Bruning

Sr. Federal Manager 

Department of Veterans Affairs MC (ret)



Lea Ann and Vince Benedetto,

crime victim Jerry Dean Smith’s

sister & brother in law


Dennis Bixby, crime victim

Amanda Bixby’s father


Dennis Drake


Donald Doerr Sr


Richard O'Neill


Pat Defilippis


Peter Wagner, The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration


Roger Thomas, Co Director of the

Minutemen, Kansas and Missouri


Alan Monshausen


Sheila Young


Kathy Brown Esq.


Chris Knowlton


Rod Will


Francis Semler


John Stolte


David Nickum


Glenn Fuller, Editor, NoSmokeSignals


JoAnn Gomez


Wesley G. Estill


Marge Adelsberger

Alice Moffett 

Pennsylvanians For Immigration

Control and Enforcement (PA4ICE)


Tim Lyng and Maria Espinoza
The Remembrance Project
...giving victims a voice through the Stolen Lives Quilt
Peter Lombardo Esq.



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