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FNCIC-VOIACM is a registry for serious crimes that have been committed by foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, in the United States.  Through exclusive research and partnering with other investigators, this web site's sponsoring organizations have discovered that the number and severity of crimes being committed by illegal aliens is extensive.  While crimes committed by foreign nationals on American soil should be tracked and reported by the Justice Department, they are not.  Whether they are not being tracked and reported because it demonstrates and documents an abrogation of the constitutionally-mandated responsibilities of our elected officials, we will leave to others to pursue.  The purpose of  the VOIACM is to remember the victims, who mostly have been ignored by the mainstream media, and to document the magnitude and extent of the many heinous crimes committed by by foreign nationals in the United States.  We are doing this because NO ONE else is.  Recently we have expanded to include the United States Constitution, the United States Treasury and the States pointing out that "we the people" are victims.

However, FNCIC cannot document all crimes committed by foreigners because the scope and extent of those crimes are simply too massive to be done outside of the Justice Department - which is not doing it.  As a result the FNCIC data base is limited to only serious crimes committed against people.  This includes people who have been molested, sexually assaulted, raped, seriously injured, killed, or murdered by foreign nationals in the USA. 

You may access the FNCIC data base on serious crime committed by illegal aliens in the following sections

1. Report a crime. 

It's easy to report a crime, just click the report button and fill in the blanks.  You will need to include a link from a source to send it to the administrator, if you have a problem email at americanpatriots@sbcglobal.net for help.

2. Search for crimes by various categories, including by victim or perpetrator.

3. See data on serious crimes in VOIACM by various parameters. (under development)

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Ed Hayes