UPDATE MADD still missing as a Jackson County judge sentenced a 19-year-old Mexican man Friday to 15 years in prison for driving drunk and killing a Belton woman and her 11-year-old daughter last year, more pro illegal dribble by Mary Sanchez of the KansSubmitted by: UPDATE MADD still missing as a Jackson County judge sentenced a 19-year-old Mexican man Friday to 15 years in prison for driving drunk and killing a Belton woman and her 11-year-old daughter last yea

Victim: Anna Bronson

Date of Crime: 2012-04-11      Location of crime: Kansas, MO

Hometown: Kansas City, MO    Sex: F    Age: 11
Crime Description:

What kind of a reckless fool is hideously drunk and driving at 8:30 a.m.?

The kind that drove at least 14 miles the wrong way on Interstates 435 and 70 before a fatal crash that killed a Belton mother and her 11-year-old daughter, police and prosecutors believe.

So drunk, that two hours after the Monday wreck the driver was still twice the legal limit.

But the clincher for many people — the driver is probably an illegal immigrant.

Felix Solano-Gallardo is the name charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the case of Diane K. Bronson and Anna Bronson.

As he invoked his right to counsel and is still hospitalized, that’s all that is known — assuming that’s his real name.

The 18-year-old was carrying two Mexican identification cards. Each listed a different name from the one given police and different photos.

Rest assured, if he’s not supposed to be in the United States, deportation is in his future, as well as serious prison time.

Kansas City police do not routinely check people’s immigration status. But don’t misconstrue that to mean that police do not work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In many arrests, they are notified immediately.

Like anyone, if illegal immigrants commit a violent crime, they are charged, have their day in court, sentenced and imprisoned. They just never get paroled. Instead, federal immigration has jurisdiction, can take custody and deport.

If the home country is Mexico, officials there are informed of deportees, and they check to see if the person is wanted for a serious crime there. If so, that can mean time in Mexican jails, too.

Some note that mother and daughter would be alive if Solano-Gallardo had not entered our country. True.

But his actions aren’t illustrative of the broader point many might wish to assert; a higher inclination toward crime among illegal immigrants.

If you want to find a drunken driver, a robber, someone who will commit a violent crime, your best statistical bet is a U.S.-born person. Crime studies consistently find the native-born are more likely to commit crime — not immigrants, legal and illegal.

Peel away the emotion — difficult in a case like this — and logic shows why.

The vast majority of immigrants arrive for work, to unite with family. They try to avoid deportation, not court it.

But as these two preventable deaths probably will eventually illustrate, if an illegal immigrant causes the death of others, deportation is in his future.

In this case, I hope after a long, grueling prison sentence.

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Perpetrator: Felix Solano-Gallardo

Sex: M    Age: 18

Arrest Status: charged

Nationality: Mexico

Perpetrator was DUI or charged with DUI


Janeth C. Nesby was ‘the mother to everybody’ A Jackson County judge sentenced a 19-year-old Mexican man Friday to 15 years in prison for driving drunk and killing a Belton woman and her 11-year-old daughter last year.
Felix Solano-Gallardo admitted in January that he was driving the wrong way on Interstate 435 near 63rd Street when he crashed into a car carrying Diane Bronson, 44, and her daughter, Anna Bronson.
He also admitted that his blood-alcohol level that day was more than twice the legal limit.
Tearful family members shared memories Friday of the pair, who died on their way to breakfast with their family, with plans to later attend an Independence Day parade.
Some of the family learned of their deaths at the end of the parade, when Bronson and Anna never appeared.
“While we were eating and enjoying ourselves, they were on the highway, dying,” said Annette Murray, Bronson’s sister.
Murray wanted her sister remembered as a woman who was “loving, kind, quick with a smile, a hug and an encouraging word.”
Bronson’s mother, Dorothy Campbell, described how her daughter became a nurse after seeing the caring treatment that one of her sons received during repeated hospital stays for leukemia.
“Diane was filled with love and cared for people,” Campbell said.
Buddy Bronson, Diane’s husband and Anna’s father, said he still hasn’t come to terms with the death of his wife and daughter.
“When I see the school bus around the bend, I go back inside and cry,” he said. “I had my first biological child at (age) 44. That’s something you don’t take for __GRANTed.”
Solano-Gallardo, no longer using a wheelchair because of his own injuries from the accident, did not plead for mercy in his statement to Judge Charles McKenzie.
“I am aware I caused a lot of harm,” he said through an interpreter. “Honestly, I wish none of this had ever happened. What happened to this woman and her little girl hurt me as if they were my own family.”
Assistant Jackson County Attorney Brady X. Twenter asked for a 24-year sentence, saying Solano-Gallardo had taken too much from the family and the larger community. And although the defendant had no formal criminal history, Twenter asked the judge to consider his status in the country.
“The defendant is not legally in this country,” Twenter said. “There was a law broken.”
Solano-Gallardo received two 15-year sentences, which will run concurrently.
Police said they believed Solano-Gallardo had been driving the wrong way for at least 14 miles because they think he earlier ran a driver off Interstate 70 into a concrete median near Harrison Street. The victim told police the driver drove at him from one side of the highway to the other and appeared to be trying to hit him, police said.
At least nine motorists called 911 to report a wrong-way driver on I-70 or I-435 that morning.
After the hearing, Tyler Russell, Bronson’s son and Anna’s 20-year-old step-brother, seemed resigned to Solano-Gallardo’s sentence.
“The fact he gets to go back to his mom and sister, and I can’t, is not justice in my opinion,” Russell said.
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